Group lessons snowboard

Learn to ski in Torgnon. Group lessons with qualified instructors of the Torgnon Ski School


CHRISTMAS From December 27th to January 8th
CARNIVAL from 13 to 26 February 2023

Hours 11:00 – 13:00 / 13:00 – 15:00

LessonsPrice 2 hours

The courses of each level will be held with a minimum of 3 participants.

€25 per lesson from the 6th consecutive lesson.

1 Lesson40 €
2 Lessons
75 €
3 Lessons
100 €
4 Lessons
125 €
5 Lessons
140 €
6 Lessons
150 €


Orario 11:00 – 13:00

Lessons2 hours
Single day40 €
Saturday + Sunday in the same weekend75 €
5 day package135 € + 30 €*
10 day package230 € + 26 €*
15 day package305 € + 24 €*
20 day package345 € + 20 €*

* Price applied for lessons held outside the purchased package.

Once the package has been purchased, the lessons must then be booked on the chosen dates.

Reservations are accepted subject to availability of places until 5pm on the Thursday preceding the lesson. Priority is given for enrollment to those who have purchased a package of lessons, starting with the package with the most lessons. Any revocation of enrollments that have already taken place will be communicated by the School by 12 noon on Friday. From 17 on Thursday, registrations will be taken in chronological order.

Each booked lesson can possibly be canceled 48 hours before the lesson, by e-mail, in person or if you find us also by telephone, but not with written or vocal messages, after which it will still be charged (like any other lesson, private or collective, of the Torgnon Ski School).

In shared packages, the total number of lessons in the package is the sum of the lessons done by all brothers/sisters.


Beginner I never put the board


I know how to slide and make a turn


I know how to make turns on blue slopes, without the help of the instructor


I go everywhere


  • The lesson hours are 1 hour and 55 minutes

  • The above rates do not include the ski pass.

  • The above rates do not include any insurance.

  • Classes take place in all weather conditions.

  • The setbacks due to the irregular functioning of the ski lifts or to other causes not attributable to our organization will not be able to give rise to refunds. If the lifts are closed, the cost of the lesson will be refunded.

  • LESSONS CAN BE CANCELED BY 5 PM TWO DAYS BEFORE, in person, by e-mail or if you find us by telephone, but not by sms, voicemail or voicemail. Otherwise they will still have to be paid.

  • Any cancellation must be formalized in the ways and times described even if due to provisions of public authorities.

  • The school reserves the right to change the teacher assigned, even if specifically requested, in case of emergencies or personal needs.

  • In case of failure to take the lesson due to the absence of the instructor, the cost of the lesson will be refunded, but not that of the ski pass.

ATTENZIONE! Le prenotazioni on line non sono al momento attive. Per prenotare rivolgersi all’ufficio tramite mail o telefono 0166540077